Milk + Honey @ Bløm Meadworks

Rachel, the owner of Milk + Honey, is a self-taught baker who spends every spare minute baking and food blogging. She also did a six month internship at local beloved bakery, Sweet Heather Anne, and continues to be an on-call cake decorator there.

Rachel reached out a few months back about working together on a mini pop-up as part of her effort to support Ozone House. A few scones later and we were elbows deep in a conversation about how to turn this into a more full-time collaboration. We've loved having a downtown space that fosters community ties and this seemed like another serendipitous opportunity - a chance to work with and support another small local business that is deeply invested in our town. Plus, THE CAKE. Oh my word, the cake. And the biscuits. And the macarons. Just wait... we dare you to try one and not just keel over with delight. Plus, one of Rachel's goals as a baker is to experiment with recipes to see how far she can back down the sweetness to let the other flavors truly shine. Sound familiar??

Milk + Honey will host soft opening days on September 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th, with a grand opening following shortly after! We feel so gosh darn lucky to have stumbled into this partnership and can't wait to open our doors as Bløm & Milk + Honey.


Coming soon on the Milk + Honey website