How We came to be(e)...

At Bløm Meadworks (pronounced “bloom”), we make what we like to call session meads and ciders – they’re light, dry, carbonated, and remarkably sessionable. For our meads, we start with the same ingredients as a traditional mead - honey, water and yeast - which means we can source all of our ingredients from Michigan. Unlike most meads though, we ferment it like a dry craft cider, so the result isn’t nearly as thick or sweet as traditional mead.

So, if the word “mead” automatically conjures a drinking hall filled with Vikings for you, think of ours as its friendly, approachable descendants, without the pillage and plunder.


Why Bløm, and why the funny letter?

We loved the idea of a bloom because it makes us think of bees, honey, and all the great, locally sourced things we turn into our session mead and cider. It’s also the family name of one of our owners, Lauren Bloom, and was originally spelled with just one “o.” So, spelling our name with a single, Scandinavian ø is like a nod to our roots and all the classic meads that have come before us.


Is it just me, or does this batch kind of taste different than the last one I had?

It’s not just you! Since we only use locally sourced honey, each batch can take on unique seasonal highlights, depending on the blooms that our Michigan honeybees have been pollinating. And since the locally sourced fruits, hops and spices we use can also change, it’s Mother Nature’s call on all the subtle notes you’ll get to enjoy.

Lauren Bloom - Owner

Lauren spent years in the nonprofit sector - recruitment, development, and digital marketing. Fun as this was, she realized during this time that what had become her hobby and outside-of-work stress reliever was actually the thing that she cared about most – food. And more specifically, local food production. Soon after, she joined and eventually served as Vice President on the board of Slow Food Chicago, an organization that advocates for the value and pleasures of food that is produced in a way that is good for consumers, farmers and the environment. A few years later, Lauren and Matt moved to Ann Arbor, looking to put down roots in their home state and open Bløm - a business that would allow them to create sessionable brews and highlight some of the mouth-watering ingredients grown in Michigan.

Matt Ritchey Owner Profile Picture
Lauren Bloom Owner Profile Picture

Matt Ritchey - Owner & Brewer

Matt started his professional life as a financial geek. Turned out it was far more exciting to apply those geeky skills to brewing chemistry than options software. He kicked off his new career as a home brewer in Chicago and was lucky enough to have two other non-industry friends who were passionate (and crazy?!) enough about beer to start a brewery. While owner and head brewer for Begyle Brewing, Matt sadly learned that he was among the unfortunate crew that can't process gluten - his love affair with beer had come to an abrupt end. Hooked on the creative fermentation process, and always intrigued by the quirky possibilities for mead and cider, Matt found Bløm to be the perfect love child of what he enjoys making and drinking.